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How To Install Ground Screws

Ground Screw Installation Instructions
It is always advisable to scan for underground services before any installation.
Always wear appropriate PPE. 
Once you have marked the position for installation we recommend you pre-drill a hole prior to installing your ground screw using a 16mm-25mm drill. Although this is not completely necessary it will help in 2 ways, firstly it will identify any obstructions that may be below ground such as large rocks and bricks which could hinder installation, and secondly pre-drilling will help to ensure installation is vertical as your ground screw will follow the line of the drilled hole. It is advisable to have a 2nd person at hand to help sight the drill to ensure it is vertical from a few metres away.
Start your ground screw by hand until it becomes too hard to turn.
Using the installation tool turn the ground screw into the ground using a little downward pressure to start. Once the ground screw has been inserted around 100mm it will begin to pull itself into the ground, less downward force is then necessary. Turn the installation tool until the ground screw is fully installed or until it becomes too difficult to turn. This will depend on ground conditions, in general, for most ground conditions, it is possible to turn the ground screw on your own until it is fully installed to ground level or desired level.
If the ground is particularly dry it may be necessary to have a 2nd person to help turn the installation tool. Each person should pull on either side of the handle until the ground screw is fully installed. 
 Top Tips
In drier conditions you can pour water in and around the ground screw prior to installation to soften ground. Wait a few minutes for water to disperse through the drain hole at the bottom of the ground screw, then install your ground screw. Only fill the ground screw once.
Unless you are tight against an obstruction and have no room to turn the installation tool handle, keep the handle in the centre of the tool . If extra force is required to turn the ground screw use 2 people to install as described above.
For every ¼ turn of the installation tool the ground screw will move 10mm further into the ground. You might find this information helpful if you are installing several ground screws that need to be level with each other.
750mm Ground Screw
    Min / Max Installation Range: Ground level to 275mm above ground level.
550mm Ground Screw
    Min / Max Installation Range: Ground level to 90mm above ground level.
The Benefits of Using our Ground Screws.
  • No digging foundations meaning NO CONCRETE.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Rapid install + Rapid removal.
  • Immediately loadable.
  • SAVES MONEY compared to conventional foundation methods
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No impact on surrounding environment and water courses during use or after removal.
  • Temporary or permanent use.
  • Fully re-usable.
  • No landfill waste or requirements.