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Open a Beauty Salon or Hairdressers Shop

Many people buy a YouKube because they love the idea of working from home in a garden office. Leaving the commute behind and finally getting some peace to finish off that report.
This isn't the case for someone who runs a beauty salon or hairdressers shop. They have no choice but to rent or buy an expensive location in the middle of town to attract customers, incurring things like business rates and hefty insurance costs. Either that, or you're a mobile stylist, burning all your profits travelling to and from customers houses.
Why not have the best of both worlds?
A static location without rent or taxes and certainly without long hours travelling, as your loyal customer base will come to you! A YouKube is the perfect solution.
With plenty of power, light and more than enough room for you and few customers, the YouKube can become a professional setting in which to run your business. You'll be the envy of hairdressers and beauty therapists everywhere...